beach picnic

5 best recipes for a beach picnic

Beach picnic– Live on an island bathed by the Mediterranean, so spend a whole day in summer at the edge of the sea, with family or friends and a lot of junk, is very common.

beaches of the UAE

Arabian miracle: the 5 best beaches of the UAE

100 years ago, in place of the luxurious megacities of the Emirates, there was only a lifeless desert. But thanks to the oil there is now a garden city with beautiful beaches of the UAE with…

beaches in Spain

5 best beaches in Spain

The best beaches in Spain beaches have long been recognized as one of the best places for obtaining bronze tanning and bathing. But among the impressive assortment of sandy coasts and secluded coves so want…

Pink Sand Beaches

6 Pink Sand Beaches Dotted Around The World

After the winter cold, is there anything better to choose a beach destination for summer vacation? We all have a favorite beach destination, where we often go if we live near the coast, or farther…


Planning the trip to Miami

Miami is one of the US cities most visited by tourists from Argentina and throughout Latin America and the world. It is located south of Florida and undoubtedly is one of my favorite destinations! Then…

The best beaches

The best beaches in the world

Are you planning your trip and still not decided where you want to go? Today we bring you a selection of the best beaches in the world so you can choose the best destination for you….